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Central Park & Times Square

Central Park

During our half day in New York City, we did some exploring in Central Park. The main goal was to find the Alice in Wonderland statue, inspired by one of my favorite books.It seemed to be the thing to do to sit on the statue. Around the statue are quotes from the book. If you have a lot more time than we did in the city, I definitely recommend taking a more leisurely walk through the park and see more of the many, many things that Central Park has to offer.

Alice in Wonderland

Central Park

Times Square

For anyone who loves chocolate, the area around Times Square is practically heaven. Not only is it home to the M&M’s World, but there’s also a Hershey’s Store. If that’s not enough, there’s also a Lindt store nearby with a Godiva store across the street as well.



















There are 3 floors in the M&M’s World, each with their own wall of M&M’s dispensers filled to the top with every color and mix of M&M’s you could ever dream of. We happened to be there around Star Wars Day, so there were even mixes of M&M’s designed after each main character in the movies. You can also find all manner of M&M’s themed merchandise, much more than anyone could possibly need.

We looked around a few of shops in Times Square, but the best thing to do in my opinion is to find a seat, and then just take in all the flashing billboards and simply people watch.

Time Square

One thing you probably shouldn’t do is take a picture with one of the many characters you’ll find walking around. You’ll see all kinds of superheroes, Disney characters, and even Hello Kitty trying to get people to take a picture with them. Once you do, most of them will motion to their bag for tips. It’s up to you if it’s worth the money, or the characters following you around Times Square for a bit if you don’t want to give them money.


Central Park and Times Square

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