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10 Things to Do in Bremen

Many people have never heard of the fairytale-like town of Bremen in Germany. Since it’s a little off the beaten path of the regular tourist route through the country, you probably won’t find it on many list of “places to visit in Germany.”

Bremen is a port city with over 1,200 years of history. It’s close enough to Hamburg to make it easy to visit, but far enough away to not have as many tourists. This makes it a great place to visit a couple days if you want to avoid crowds of visitors. Here are some of the best things to do in Bremen, Germany.

Old Town

The Old Town of Bremen reflects the medieval and Renaissance past of the city. Two of the most famous sights of the city can be found here: the Rathaus and the Cathedral of St. Peter. The main square is a 365-degree treat for the eyes. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Rathaus (Town Hall)

The beautiful Rathaus, or Town Hall, in Bremen was built in 1405. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the exterior looks like something from a fairy tale. The interior reflects the days of Bremen being a powerful merchant city during the Middle Ages. The Rathaus has survived centuries of history, including fighting during World War II that destroyed a large amount of the city.

St. Peter’s Cathedral

Built during the 11th century, St. Peter’s Cathedral is an important landmark of Bremen, Germany. Its iconic twin spires can be seen from quite a distance away. There are some parts of the church that are nearly a millennium old. Be sure to climb up one of the spires for an awesome view of the city.

St. Peter's Cathedral

Town Musicians Statue

Bremen’s main claim to fame is the Bremen Town Musicians fairy tale by the Brother’s Grimm. The most famous of the Town Musicians statues is in the market square of the Old Town. You’ll probably notice that the legs of the donkey are a bright gold. This is because it’s supposedly good luck to rub the donkey’s hooves.

Bremen Town Musicians

The Marketplatz and the Roland Statue

In the heart of Bremen’s Old Town is the picturesque Marktplatz, or Market Square. You’ll find many cafes and shops within the historic merchant houses. The Roland statue in the square is one of the city’s most important landmarks, and shares a UNESCO designation with Bremen’s Rathaus.

Explore the Böttcherstrass

The tiny alleyway known as the Böttcherstrass is a street many come upon by accident. It’s a hidden gem tucked away near Bremen’s Marktplatz. You’ll find interesting architecture, stained glass windows, shops, small museums, and the music of a Glockenspiel.

Take a Walk Through the Schnoor

The Schnoor is the oldest part of Bremen, a part of the old Medieval section of the city. It’s one of the most scenic parts of Bremen. You’ll be transported back to the 1400’s as you stroll down the narrow street.

Enjoy the Schlachte Embankment

The Schlachte Embankmen is a popular spot to grab a bite or a beer. There are several restaurants and a beer garden along the River Weser. I recommend trying the food at the Cafe & Bar Celona.

Cafe & Bar Celona

Bremen’s Windmill

You’ll probably catch a glimpse of Muhle am Wall if you’re headed to Old Town from the train station. The windmill is located in the scenic Wallanlagen Park, and is open to visitors. There’s also a small restaurant inside the windmill.


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