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Where to Eat in Bremen

Where to Eat in Bremen

Located on the Weser River, the city of Bremen has been nicknamed the “food capital of Northern Germany” and has no shortage of great places to eat. It’s also where the first coffee house in Germany opened back in the 17th century. From local delicacies to traditional French and Italian fare, there’s a wide variety of cuisine to be found in Bremen. While studying abroad in Germany, I got to know the food in the city fairly well. Here are my picks of where to eat in Bremen. 

Bremer Ratskeller

The Bremer Ratskeller can be found in the middle of Bremen’s old town and is more than 600 years old. It was originally a wine cellar used by the Council of Bremen for storing white wines during the time in which it controlled the wine supply within the city. Today, the Bremer Ratskeller is an underground restaurant located beneath the Rathaus. However, it still houses Germany’s oldest wine barrel, placed back in 1653, along with over 600 other varieties of German wine.

Schüttinger Brewpub

Schüttinger isn’t just the oldest brewpub in Bremen, it’s the oldest brewery in the city. This is one one of the best places to eat in Bremen if you’re looking for a cosy and rustic pub setting, hearty food, and house beer. The menu here includes soups and salads for a lighter meal, or dishes like Nordic fish or wiener schnitzel for heartier fare. Schüttinger includes both small tables to relax with family or friends and long tables for making new friends.


Schröters is located in the heart of Bremen’s old town and features a series of small dining rooms instead of a single large one. You can eat next to the restaurant’s open kitchen, in the wine cellar, or upstairs in the Toulouse-Lautrec room surrounded by artwork. Schröters is known for serving cuisine from many European cultures, with its menu featuring dishes like classic wiener schnitzel, risotto, snapper, and duck.


Tucked away in Das Viertel, Tarte is a small restaurant with quirky decor that focuses on Flammkuchen, an Alsatian specialty. This dish is a baked flatbread with creme fraiche and a combination of meat, vegetable, and cheese toppings. It’s basically like a thin, crispy pizza. The restaurant also offers vegan options and a small list of German and French wines.

Scharfrichter Lounge

Scharfrichter Lounge, located along the Weser River, serves more than 100 different varieties of the famed German specialty known as Currywurst. With a scale graded by spice, the currywurst has ten levels of heat and the sausages served at the Scharfrichter Lounge feature names like “Six Feet Under,” “Die Hard,” and the “Burning Baboon.” While currywurst is found all over Germany, there’s not many places with as much variety as this place.

Engel Weincafe

Engel Weincafe is locate in Das Viertel on an often sunny corner. This popular wine bar was once an old-fashioned pharmacy and boasts a nostalgic vibe. Along with the good selection of international wines, the Engel Weincafe also offers a food menu featuring breakfast items, Flammkuchen, carpaccio, and lunch specials, along with cheese to go with the wine.

1885 Die Burger

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a good burger. Fortunately, Bremen has just the place to satisfy this craving. Named after the fact the first “hamburger” (as it’s known today) was sold in 1885, 1885 Die Burger makes burgers like they were made back then: no colorings, flavor enhancers, or chemical preservatives. The delicious burgers are also made with 100% organic, real beef sourced from regional farms. Customers put their burger together themselves, choosing the bread, sauces, and toppings.

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