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Welcome to my travel blog!

I’ve had a dream to travel to other countries for as long as I can remember. I grew up listening to stories from my older relatives about the places they’ve been. My family would visit my great aunt for a short lake vacation every year and her house was filled with souvenirs, posters, pictures, etc. from all the places she had visited, and she still continues to travel.

I finally got the chance to travel overseas after my high school graduation as part of a Senior Trip. We went to London, Canterbury, Dover, and Paris. During that trip, I was bit by the travel bug. I studied abroad during college in Germany, and fell even more in love with traveling.

My Travel List Journey

I’m often told I’m an over-ambitious planner. I’m an extremely organized person who loves to make lists and plan things. I’ve had a little too much free time lately, and I finally got around to making a list of all the places I would like to visit. This blog will be about my journey to complete that list, and the tips and advice I learn along the way.

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