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St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Around the World

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d give you a list of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world!

1) Dublin



What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than in Ireland’s capital city. In Dublin, St. Patrick’s Day is a four-day-long celebration (March 14th-17th)

2) New York City

New York City

With more Irish American residents than any other city in the US, it’s no surprise that New York City takes its St. Patrick’s Day celebrations seriously. If parades aren’t your thing, you can do what the Irish do best by sampling hundreds of craft beers at the 10th Annual NYC Craft Beer Festival (March 13-14th).

3) Boston


New York may have more Irish residents than any other US city, but Massachusetts is the “most Irish” state percentage-wise, with nearly a quarter of its residents claiming Irish heritage. For those interested in some cultural enrichment, Boston’s Irish Heritage Trail is a self-guided tour of Downtown and Back Bay that aims to teach visitors and locals about Boston’s Irish history.

4) Chicago


Irish Chicagoans have gathered near the Columbus Drive Bridge to watch the annual dyeing of the Chicago River for more than forty years.

5) Savannah


Though it doesn’t boast an overabundance of Irish residents, Savannah nonetheless hosts an annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration that would make any Irishman proud.

6) Montreal


The city is actually home to one of North America’s longest running St. Patrick’s Day parades; let’s not forget that Montreal’s flag contains a shamrock in the lower-right quadrant!

7) Sydney


About ten percent of Australia’s population claims Irish ancestry, which means Australia is home to more people of Irish descent than any other country outside of Ireland. In Sydney, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are family-friendly affairs, filled with parades, lives music, and Irish dance performances.

8) Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Argentina boasts South America’s largest Irish population, and the capital city of Buenos Aires takes its St. Paddy’s Day celebrations seriously. Of course, in a city that’s known to party all night long, the festivities will continue in some of the city’s best Irish pubs.

9) Tokyo


In 1992, the Irish Network of Japan began hosting a St. Patrick’s Day parade on the streets of Tokyo as a way of introducing Irish culture to Japan. Now, more than two decades later, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is one of Tokyo’s most anticipated celebrations.


*Pictures and information from oyster.com

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