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Raffaldini Vineyards

Raffaldini Vineyards: Chianti in the Carolinas

Thinking the Carolinas doesn’t offer Chianti? Think again. Raffaldini Vineyards within the winery-filled Yadkin Valley strives for inspiring visitors with Italian excellence.

While the state of North Carolina is home to some wonderful wineries and vineyards, Raffaldini is certainly one to be at the top of any wine lovers list. Nicknamed the “Chianti of the Carolinas,” the winery grows several Italian varietals. Not only do their wines taste great (and are rather affordable), the Tuscan-style tasting room is a highlight in itself, offering amazing views of the surrounding vineyard and the Blue Ridge Mountains off in the distance.

The coast for a wine tasting at Raffaldini Vineyards is $12, which includes a sample of eight currently available wines and a Riedel wine glass with the Raffaldini logo on it. During our visit, we samples a sparkling, two whites, a rosé, and four reds.

While my favorites were definitely the red wines, I still thought the other four wines were good. I would definitely recommend the Bella Misto, Il Falco, and the S.P.Q.R. (which I don’t think is always available). The Bella Misto (a mix of Petit Verdot, Sangiovese, and Montepulciano) literally means “Beautiful Mix,” so of course you can’t go wrong with that.

So if you love wine, especially Chianti, the Raffaldini Vineyards should be on your list of wineries to visit in North Carolina.

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