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Magical Maastricht Christmas Market

Magical Maastricht on Vrijthof (Magisch Maastricht op het Vrijthof) is a small, but cozy Christmas market with enough food and activities for the entire family to enjoy for an afternoon. While not as big or as well known as the more famous Christmas markets of Germany, the market in Maastricht is still worth a visit with its delicious snacks and cozy little chalet-style stalls. With the size, it’s also easy to combine your trip with a visit to local restaurants, shopping, and exploring the old town. 

Practical Information About Maastricht Christmas Market

The Magical Maastricht Christmas market is held every year on Vrijthof throughout the month of December. There is no fee for entry to the market itself, however, there are fees for some of the attractions.

The market is open seven days a week, typically starting at 10:00am until 10:00pm (later for food areas). There are usually different hours for the Christmas holiday.

Where is the Maastricht Christmas Market?

The Christmas market in Maastricht is held on the famous Vrijthof square, with the St. John’s Church and St. Servatius Basilica in the background. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes around this iconic square where you can escape the cold and get a more substantial meal if the food options at the Christmas market aren’t enough for you.

Magical Maastricht Christmas Market Attractions

Ferris Wheel

Probably the most famous attraction at the Christmas market is the 45-meter-high Ferris wheel. You can escape the cold a little with the closed cabins. During the day, you can find an amazing view of the market and city beyond from the top. At night, the view is perhaps even better with all the Christmas lights.

Ice Skating Rink

Another fun attraction at Magical Maastricht is ice skating. Whether you know how to ice skate or not, the ice skating rink is a place for fun for all ages. Skates rentals are available, as well as chair-like objects for you to use if you’re new to the sport and worried about falling.

Food and Drinks at Magical Maastricht

You’ll find plenty of treats when it comes to food and drinks at the Maastricht Christmas market.

  • Poffertjes – miniature pancakes served with butter and dusted with sugar. 
  • Oliebollen – deep fried dough balls typically eaten during the holiday season
  • Belgian waffles – freshly baked on site
  • German food influences – bratwurst, currywurse, champignons, and more.
  • Smoked salmon – smoked on site
  • Dutch hot chocolate with whipped cream (warme chocomel met slagroom)
  • Mulled wine – because you can’t have a Christmas market without it

Shopping at the Christmas Market in Maastricht

Magical Maastricht is also a great place to buy ornaments, unique items, and small presents for family and friends. You can find hats and gloves, bags, Christmas decor, and even some handcrafted items.

How to Get to Maastricht

Maastricht is easily accessible by car and train. 

Train Travel:

  • Amsterdam – Maastricht: around 2.5 hours
  • Cologne – Maastricht: around 2 hours
  • Brussels – Maastricht: around 1.5 hours
  • Paris – Maastricht: around 3.5 hours

Travel Distances:

  • Amsterdam – Maastricht: 215 km
  • Cologne – Maastricht: 100 km
  • Brussels – Maastricht: 120 km
  • Paris – Maastricht: 400 km

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