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SuperTree Grove

Gardens by the Bay: The Best Attraction in Singapore

Next to food, Singapore is perhaps best known for its love of nature and providing its residents and visitors alike with numerous gardens to explore and enjoy. The most famous and impressive of all is the extraordinary Gardens by the Bay, which is why you’ll find the attraction on every must-do list for visiting the tiny city-state. It certainly is one of my favorite places in Singapore.

Upon arriving at the Gardens by the Bay, greeted by the massive Supertree Grove, it’s like stepping into another world. (Think Pandora from Avatar.) It’s definitely a sight not to missed during any trip to Singapore, and a place that should really be seen both during the daytime and night.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

One of the major highlights of the fascinating Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest. As you enter, you’re greet with the sounds of cascading water, along with some much needed cool air. What sounds like a small waterfall, is in fact a massive mountain of water pouring down from near the ceiling. One important thing to not is that while entrance is free to enter Gardens by the Bay, the Cloud Forest area requires an admission charge, but it is definitely worth it in my opinion. A popular option is to get the combo ticket for the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome.

The almost mystical Cloud Forest takes you high above the sea level and guides you on a journey back down, leading you through the Lost World, the Secret Garden, the Tree Top Walk, and more. Leading to its name, a mist almost seems to circle the mountain in the conservatory, leaving visitors in awe as they stare at the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is full of flowers and other plants from all over the world, and while it may not be the most exciting place, it does offer a great escape from the Singapore heat and a relaxing stroll through some beautiful and colorful flowers. It’s also the world’s largest glass greenhouse. It’s not nearly as impressive as the Cloud Forest though, so I’d recommend visiting the Flower Dome first so the wow factor isn’t quite as lost. The display in the center of the Flower Dome changes during the year with different themes.

A word of caution, however, for those with bad allergies. You may want to steer clear of all these flowers, or take some allergy medication before you g. Otherwise, you may be sneezing the whole way through.

Supertree Grove & The OCBC Skyway

The fascinatingly massive and otherworldly Supertree Grove is a collection of man-made, tree-like structures towering fifty meters high. These trees are especially great to see during dusk, when they start to transform into a gorgeous array of colors from the fairy lights at night.


The Supertrees mimic the ecological processes present in trees, allowing them to act as irrigation tools and conversion of energy, as well as function as a cooling system for some of the Garden by the Bay’s domes.

For a entirely different perspective of the gardens and a panoramic view of the surrounding city of Singapore, take a walk along the OCBC Skyway around the top of the Supertree Grove. This walk provides a close-up look at the futuristic massive trees from 22 meters in the sky. Like the conservatories, the skyway charges its own admission. After all, Singapore wouldn’t be the most expensive city in the world without these individual admission fees.

Garden Rhapsody

Garden Rhapsody

Every night, the Supertree Grove comes to life with lights, music, and a magical show that shouldn’t be missed. The giant futuristic trees glistening with thousands of colourful little fairy lights, perfectly timed to music. Two shows take place each night at 7:45pm and again at 8:45pm. The theme of this light show changes every few months. Visit the Gardens by the Bay website to find out information about the current show.

Outdoor Gardens

The Outdoor Gardens, including the Supertree Grove, Sun Pavillion, Heritage Gardens, World of Plants and Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, offer free admission and are open daily from 5am to 2am.

How to Get to the Gardens by the Bay

Via the East-West Line:

  • Get off at the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (EW15)
  • Take Exit C and head towards bus stop number 03223 located at International Plaza, Anson Road
  • Hop on the 400 bus to bus stop number 03371 along Marina Gardens Drive

Via the Circle Line or Downtown Line:

  • Take either line to the Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16)
  • Take Exit B and follow the underground linkway
  • Exit and cross the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge into Gardens by the Bay

From Marina Bay Sands:

Walk across the overhead bridge (Lions Bridge) located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel (open daily from 8.00am to 11.00pm), or take the underground linkway through the Bayfront MRT Station (Exit B).

From the Helix Bridge:

Follow the footpath which leads under the East Coast Parkway (ECP), which will bring you directly into Bay South Garden along the waterfront.

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