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Magic Kingdom

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is mostly everyone’s most anticipated park to visit at Disney World. I’m taking a trip to Disney World the last week of this month, and I just realized I never posted anything about when I went 2 years ago. ┬áSo, in honor of my upcoming trip, here’s some pictures from Magic Kingdom all decorated for Halloween. My husband and I went the first week of October for our Honeymoon.

But before that, here’s some tips for visiting Magic Kingdom

  • Wait and look in the shops on Magic Kindgom’s Main Street until after the fireworks are over. It’ll let you avoid the huge crowds trying to push their way out of the park.
  • Rather than try to find a place on Main Street to watch the fireworks, go to Mickey’s PhilarMagic. You can see the fireworks just as well, and with little to no crowd.
  • It’s also a really good idea to go on rides during the fireworks at Magic Kingdom or just before they end. You’ll have little to no wait.
  • Walk towards Main Street from Tomorrowland and you can get a great picture of Cinderella’s Castle without any people (picture below). You won’t get a straight shot of the front of the castle, but it’s still a great picture.
  • If staying at a Disney resort, DEFINITELY use the Fast Pass. We had the magic bands (at the time they were testing them, so not many people had them) so we selected Fast Passes ahead of time with FastPass+, and then we also grabbed a couple fast passes at the actual rides. (*This is now done at Fast Pass kiosks in the parks.)

One thing you should know is that I hate getting my picture taken…and my husband isn’t too fond of pictures either. So in order to get him to let me take a picture of him with his Darth Vader mouse ears I had to let him take a picture of me wearing mouse ears…

Mouse Ears

Darth Vader Mouse Ears











Magic Kingdom

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