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A Day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

For my birthday this year (back in May), we took a weekend trip up to Williamsburg, Virginia. Part of that weekend included a visit to Busch Gardens. It ended up being a rainy day (off and on all day), and there were several school groups there. For the most part though we had fun.


Part of the reason we went is to see all of the different country sections. Since we’re huge fans of Epcot down in Disney World we wanted to see how it compared, which it really didn’t. (Sorry Busch Gardens.) The park is still worth a visit if you’re in the area.


We did go on a couple rides, like the Curse of DarKastle. A little advice for this ride, don’t go on it right after lunch…it’s a 3D ride that does a lot of sudden jerks and spins. The Aeronaut Skyride is a nice break from walking around, and you get an amazing view of the whole park from the sky. There were also several different “Animal Ambassadors” throughout the park, such as the iconic Clydesdale horses, wolves, and Bald Eagles.


Tips for Visiting Busch Gardens in Williamsburg:

  • Arrive early. As with just about any amusement park, get there as close to opening time as you can and go straight to ride you want to go on the most first. This is when the most popular rides will have the shortest lines.
  • Buy tickets online. You’ll save time not having to wait in line, and possibly money.
  • Enjoy food from other countries. There are many places to find delicious food throughout the park. I definitely recommend getting gelato in Italy.
  • Free water. Don’t want to spend money on over-priced drinks? Restaurants and food stands will give you a cup of water for free.
  • Use Skyride to get across Busch Gardens. The popular ride is a great transportation option, especially when you’re tired or want an aerial view of the park. Catch the one in Germany in the morning or England in the afternoon.



Busch Gardens Williamsburg


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